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Cockroach Treatments

cockroach_australianThere are two types of cockroach treatment which are dependent on the species of cockroach present.

German cockroaches are a smaller variety which are generally light brown in colour with two dark bands on the pronotum (the segment directly behind the head) and are anywhere from 2mm to 15mm in length dependant on the growth stage. These cockroaches have tremendous breeding potential and an infestation can get out of hand in a very short time frame.

They are normally introduced through shopping and are commonly brought home in boxes. Treatment is normally therefore directed to kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries, and it may be necessary to empty cupboards to achieve the best control.

The larger varieties of cockroaches are easily controlled with a thorough treatment to the building interior, wall cavities, and roof cavities.

Gel baits and sticky traps can be used for a low impact strategy, coupled with improved hygiene practices, such as gap sealing, water leak repairs, sealed food containers, and the like.

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