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Bees and Wasps Treatments

Paper-WaspBees are only allowed to be treated when they have infested the wall cavity of a building. The only product allowed to be used for bee control under this circumstance is Permethrin dust.

If bees are readily available for collection, for example if hanging from a tree branch, then it is necessary to contact a local apiarist (a list is generally in the local phone book). Apiarists are normally happy to collect the bees, which are then set up in commercial hives. Unfortunately I am yet to find an apiarist who will remove the bees from wall cavities, and therefore the pest control technician is called in.

It is often best to wait a few days before calling us in, as often bees are only scouting for a suitable location, and may move on if the location is not to the liking of the queen.

Wasps species normally encountered in South East Queensland are Papernest Wasps, which unlike bees have the ability to sting repeatedly. Treatment is directly to the offending nest, which will solve the immediate problem, however preventative treatment is simply impossible due to the wasp's lack of major contact with the treated surfaces.

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