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General Pest treatments

In the case of treatments, the majority of times, I will supply a 12 month free service period, where if re-infestation occurs to the areas treated within this 12 month period, I will attend the property and carry out suitable control measures to control the infestation at no additional cost. This includes a General Pest treatment for Cockroaches, Spiders, Silverfish, and Common Household Ants.

Flea treatments

A 3 month free service period applies to flea treatments.

Common ants

I do not offer a free service period on Common Ants to yard areas, as I do not agree with the concept of broad spectrum blanket spraying.

Inspections only

There is no free service period offered on inspections only, as I am not carrying out any preventative work but rather commenting on a given condition or situation at the exact time of the inspection.

Termite treatments

In the case of Termite treatments, the chemical used in the installation of a barrier has a life expectancy as detailed by the manufacturer on the product label. I make the property owner aware of this in my treatment proposal, treatment notices, and certificate of treatment.

I therefore give a 12 month free service period on termites, and may extend this period with each annual maintenance inspection.

This is necessary for environmental reasons outside of my control, which may affect the efficacy of the product and treatment. It is also prudent with termite control to stay in regular contact with the property treated, due to the secretive and destructive nature of termites.

In some cases, no free service period will be offered, if advice in writing is ignored, or there are circumstances which will make long term control impossible.







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