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Treatments — Important Considerations in Applying Chemicals

Sentricon-Bait-Being-Consumed-by-TermitesThe warmer weather heralds the beginning of the greater pest season in South East Queensland. Already the mango trees are in flower, which means the arrival of bees, which are the first indicator of the pest season. I am not saying that honey bees are a pest, because I love honey, I am only saying they are an indicator.

Have your home treated against general pests

It is a good time over the next couple of months to have your home treated against “General Pests” for example:

The pests will increase in numbers over this time, but by treating now, the insecticide will be at its most effective to combat this surge in activity.

I have had a few pest invasions of a peculiar nature. I have been called out to some properties after the homeowners rang me regarding a plague of jumping black mites. After conducting some research, I discovered that these creatures are called “Springtails” (one species of which is one of the few insects that survive in the artic zones). These insects breed and survive in decaying vegetable matter and therefore cleaning out gutters of wet vegetable matter is one of the most important steps in controlling the infestation. Sometimes mother nature sends out these curve balls to keep us on our toes and always learning.

Proper identification of the insect

Pest controllers should never just apply pesticide in a broad spectrum fashion, as it often creates an unnecessary hazard and quite often does not work. It just reinforces, that proper identification of the insect is the most important step in gaining control.

I have often had situations when, after having insects properly identified, the insects were found to be beneficial predators of serious pests and were obviously best left to continue their work. If I can’t readily identify an insect, then I can send it to an entomologist for positive identification.

Risk management

There are many other factors to consider before applying any pesticides, for example if a person inhabiting a building suffers from asthma, then it is essential that the formulation of any product used is one that does not contain any solvent. Risk management is a massive consideration in pest control, and just highlights the need to use an experienced and knowledgeable pest management professional.

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