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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment harmful to my family and pets?

  • In the vast majority of cases, there wouldn’t be a problem, because I use products from the chemical group “Synthetic Pyrethroids” which are synthetic copies of the naturally occurring pyrethrum atom, with variations which give this group a low mammalian toxicity (in most cases less toxic than table salt).
  • Insects have a different nervous system to mammals. We have a Mylar sheathing over our nerves which this group of chemicals doesn’t penetrate, and insects don’t have this sheathing and therefore are readily affected.
  • In addition, the formulation is water based and doesn’t contain solvents; therefore there is minimal odour and no atmospheric condition which may upset asthmatics.
  • There is a manufacturer’s warning with all chemicals that treated areas should be avoided until completely dry, and drying times will be dependant on the prevailing weather conditions and may take 2 – 4 hours in most cases.

What if I am expecting or have a medical condition?

In this instance, prior to any treatment, I can supply “Material Safety Data Sheets” to your medical practitioner, and then we can follow their instruction.

If chemical treatments are not an option, then there are a variety of baits, monitoring traps, and “Integrated Pest Management” options that can be used.

We will always err on the side of caution. I have in the past carried out treatments to surgeries, and hospitals (including a treatment for Redback Spiders in a children’s intensive care ward).

What should be done prior to treatment?

  1. Inform us if anyone residing or visiting suffers from:
    • respiratory ailments
    • immune-deficiencies, or
    • chemical sensitivity issues
    • prior to any treatment (preferably at the time of booking).
  2. Remove or cover the following:
    • toothbrushes (if you have exhaust fans in the bathroom)
    • children’s toys
    • food and cooking/eating utensils
    • pet bowls and toys
    • fish tanks
    • bird cages, etc.
  3. Remove washing from the clothes line prior to any external treatment, as it saves having to re-wash it.
  4. Close all doors and windows prior to any external treatment, wind can cause the spray to drift and settle indoors.
  5. We will not treat near vegetable or herb gardens, fish ponds or tanks, bird aviaries, or other high-risk areas.

I am having my carpet cleaned, should I have this done first?

Yes, cleaning after treatment will remove the treatment. Similarly, pressure cleaning the outside of the building after treatment, will remove the treatment.

My floors are not sealed yet, will this be a problem?

Yes, it means that liquids cannot be used because water staining will occur, and it is unable to be removed. In this case we would look at other alternatives.

What does the “Free Service Period” mean?

Please see the section titled “Guarantees” for further explanation.

The golden rule is to ask as many questions as you need, prior to the treatment. There are many ways to tackle a problem, and gain significant control, without taking unnecessary risks.

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